the cats

the cats

the cats

Cats are the most common pets, belonging to the mammalian species of catfish, and humans have long since adopted cats, according to many studies have proved, cats are very fond of the sun, which is evident when sleeping in those places that are exposed to sunlight , Especially during the day, and when searching for the cause, it turned out that the cats in the beginning originated in a desert atmosphere, and the cats are many species or as they are called strains; where there are dozens of breeds, which differ in many different qualities, For example, there are strains with too much fur , While there are other strains of no fur.

Cats are predators, as they love to catch mice, rats and other things, but they do not pose a great risk to human life. They are small in size, weighing between 4 and 10 kg, with some minor exceptions, such as One cat weighs 20 kilos, but only if they feed too much.

As for the age of cats, they have a relatively average age of up to fifteen years, cats are very fond of cleanliness, and always clean themselves by suspending their fur tongue, and enjoy a round and beautiful, and have a triangular cover, Chronic, and these beautiful eyes a great ability to see in the dark, beyond the human capacity about six times.

Characteristics of cats

All cat breeds share a large number of characteristics, such as:

Human Love: Man has long masturbated cats, and most people are often keen to raise a cat at home.
Cleanliness: cats are the cleanest pets, they clean themselves up permanently, and it is easy to train on the use of the bathroom, there is no need for the person to get rid of cat litter himself.
Age: As previously mentioned, cats are animals of average age, ranging in age from 12 to 15 years.
Food: Cats almost eat all kinds of food, but prefer meat more, and do not have the ability to taste sweets and sugars.
Pregnancy: The cat is born about three times a year, each time having more than six small cats, and after placing the young, the mother will keep them together for up to eight weeks.
Cuddling: Cuddling cats love their owner, she needs to pay close attention to all the details of her life.
Predators: Cats always hunt rats and mice, and some of them prey on pigeons and birds.

Information about cats

Cats sometimes go back to the countryside and to wild life, nostalgia for the forest works in their hearts and drives them to take the old pattern that characterizes their faction.
The cat cleans its fur and thus removes odor, so it can approach the mouse hole without feeling its imminent danger in time.
Cats are able to swim like a dog, but do not enter the water unless they are forced because they hate to have their bodies wet.
The cat's cat is very helpful to him especially at night when they work like radar to cross obstacles or to diagnose the familiar mouse.
Cats have 260 bones throughout the body, and they outweigh the number of human bones.
Cats can move each ear independently.
Cats hear high frequency sounds up to 65 kHz while human hearing only reaches 20 kHz.
Some studies have shown that cats can only see green and blue, but there is debate about whether they can see the red color as well.
Cats have two vocal cords, and can produce more than 100 different sounds.
Types of cats and their names

1 - Himalayan cat: a type of hybrid cats, and the result of mating the breed Shirazi cats with the Siamese, has a mixture of characteristics of the two baskets, and the average price when compared to other species.

2 - Manx cats: There is no big difference between that species and all other species, the most important thing that the cat manx that he does not have a trail.

3 - Siamese cats: This type of the most beautiful cats, which is characterized by the beauty of its shape, especially Samawite eyes, and spread that type significantly, because of its features such as low price, and hair loss.

4 - Ethiopian cat: This type of the most agile species, and loves movement a lot, and does not spread that type significantly, there is little in the Arab countries.

5 - Egyptian cat: Egyptian cats are very active, and loves to play and running everywhere, and has curiosity and love of a large survey, wants to discover everything around him, but most Egyptian cats arise in the streets and rely on themselves in the provision of food, To find someone who takes care of her, become nice with him.

How do you take care of cats?

Cats are animals that need attention and special attention, they love a lot of the caress, and the more the person's interest in the cat the greater the level of activity, and is characterized by high sensitivity.
It should also be concerned with the food aspect of it. It always wants to diversify in food, although it prefers meat. In terms of drink, cats drink only clean water. They should also be clean in the water level. His hair is combed, and his teeth washed whenever possible.

Cats are very much free-loving animals. They hate confined confinement, but love those wide places where they can move freely.

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