The World 's Smallest Dog

Smallest Dog

The World 's Smallest Dog

The smallest dogs in the world are known as pet dogs, because of their small size and beautiful shape, which many people tend to acquire and raise at home, in addition to easy care, care and training, and friendly printing with children if trained well, and You do not need much space at home. Small-sized dogs often belong to pure breeds that have not been hybridized or modified.

A Chihuahua dog
Is the smallest dog in the world in size; the size of the adult dogs of this type palm, and named Chihuahua dogs of this name relative to the original state of Chihuahua Mexican, Chihuahua dogs have a nice and innocent climbs but the sound of barking high dogs fierce, and may attack anyone The owner of the Chihuahua dog can tame him or make him cruel according to the nature of his dealings with him, but his escape is very light and to adapt to the warm atmosphere in Mexico.

Maltese dog
The Maltese dog originates from dog breeds coming from the Mediterranean basin, especially from the island of Malta. The Maltese dog weighs between three kilograms and five kilograms and is characterized by its friendly and homely form, which leads many people to raise it in their homes. Very long, making it unsuitable for people who are allergic to animal fur.

The Lion Dog
Also known as the Pekinese dog to his motherland, the Chinese city of Beijing. He is known as a walking and moving dog. He is an intelligent and brave guard dog. He is calm and stubborn. He often starts barking when he sees a stranger.

The Chihatsu Dog
He is a gentle, friendly and calm dog, characterized by a few barking and lack of discomfort, and is known for his circular face with his black eyes and short legs, but the fur is long and requires the attention and attention of the owner, and knows the dog is a smart dogs that depend on the alert owners, A bit arrogant and lasting attention to himself.

Poodle dogs
They are very timid dogs with some extra sensitivity, and can stay so as to get used to what is going on around them. Poodle dogs are known for their blind obedience to their owners and their high speed in running, which has led many to take advantage of the dog racing races and is a good, , And her fur is very thick and curly.

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