Length of pregnancy cats

Length of pregnancy cats

Length of pregnancy cats

The cat's gestation period ranges from 52 to 69 days, with an average of sixty-three days, two months and three days, or about nine to ten weeks. The female cat gives birth after that pregnancy to a group of small cats, Most often, the number of cats placed by the cat is usually the first to be carried out less than the following pregnancies. Little cats die - stop breastfeeding - after they are about two months old, six to seven weeks old, and become fully - fully developed - five to seven months after birth, knowing that this stage may vary greatly between cat breeds .

It is advisable to have a cat at home to take good care of her, to provide her with a good place to give birth, and the best that can be provided to her is a dark place and clean and safe, and would prefer to be away from the eyes of curious people (a subject isolated spot), it is recommended to save the headquarters of the cat And it is possible to put a bed of pure cotton to save the sleeping more of the cat, and it is not necessary to be a place so that the cat can go outside of it, and this is so as not to force the cat to jump above the children, preferably to accommodate the box allocated to the young Who will put them.

Description of cat

Cats have high skills in hunting and predation, as they approach the skill of their relatives from large amounts of nymphs such as leopard and babbar, but their hunting is limited to small animals, such as rodents and birds, living in a damaged human. The cat's weight ranges from two to four kilograms under normal circumstances, and from a few to ten kilos if it is over-fed at an unhealthy time. The cat is about 20 centimeters tall or slightly older than most of the mammals.

When the cat walks forward, the left rear leg with the left or right front with the right rear makes it appear and slide down the path. The toes of the cat's five toes end with sharp claws, and are known for their ability to fold and claw their claws. In normal cases, the claws subcutaneously submerge the skin with a flexible set of muscles, and when the cat lacks the claw, it pulls a tendon-like muscle to lift the claw out of the skin.

Mating between cats

It is known that the process of marriage in cats is desired, and it remains the specific signs for cats that want to marry; they sleep on her stomach on the ground and begin to wipe her body to the ground, and usually the mating season in cats at certain times, such as February, and January, and month February, March, and July. Cats usually mate in specific periods of the year known as the period of ejaculation, where reproductive desire multiplies in males and females, and repeated many times throughout the year, and continue in each one of them from three days to two weeks, if the female did not get the possibility of mating during this stage Probably the next lunacy will see her during a short stage.

When the pregnancy begins, the cat looks for a quiet spot away from the noise and effects. After the conclusion of the pregnancy stage, the baby is born with a number of births, usually between three and five. In most cases, the birth is normal (although it may sometimes lack veterinary intervention) , And the little cats are cared for by her mother for two and a half months to some extent and then start depending on herself.

cats food

In fact, domestic cats and pets are attracted to raw meat of any animal (such as cows, sheep, birds, etc.) like wild cats. In other respects, cats also enjoy cooked food It welcomes many dishes that are served as long as they contain a number of meat. These animals are opportunistic in terms of food, so the wild cats themselves accept to eat from human food.

Cats tend to eat tuna and fish of all kinds, and until the cat is fed regularly, it is recommended to eat three to five times during the day in quantities that fit the quantity and needs of the cat, and can be replaced with such food cat food readily available in the market simply And many brands and brands. It is also necessary to provide some water and a little milk to the cat in a regular manner, and this need for fluids.

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