Some facts about cats

facts about cats

facts about cats

We would like to offer you some facts about cats, such as:

- Cats can control their outer ears well, because there are about 32 muscles in them.
- Cats can not know the taste of sweet things, because they miss the taste nipples of sweet parts, and they prefer meat to anything else.
- Cats have beautiful and round eyes, perhaps the strangest thing is that cats have three eyelids.
- When the age of cats reaches puberty, they lose their ability to digest lactose, so when cats are reached, milk is completely prevented, as are all its derivatives.
- Cats are characterized by polyphonic tones, which can exceed 100 tones, as opposed to dogs that have only ten tones only.
- Cats are medium-aged animals, but sometimes as young as 35.
- Cats always suspend their fur by the tongue, so they do a thorough cleaning of themselves, and at the same time get vitamin C.
- Cats can see at night, with up to six times the capacity of humans.
The State of China is one of the most famous countries that feed on the meat of cats, and even consider it a delicious and delicious meat.
- Cats can jump from the highest places and are able to run very fast, assisted by the flexibility of their bodies.
- The cats have a sharp intelligence level and can recognize the mood of their owner. They have a great ability to know the tone of their voice, be it joy or sadness.
- Cats have a very strong sense of hearing, where high-frequency sounds are heard.
- Cats hate acidic smells, such as oranges and lemons.
- The cat breathes 20 to 40 times per minute and its heart beats 195 beats per minute.
- The number of cat's teeth is thirty, and the cat switches the white teeth with strong, permanent teeth.

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